Israel offers two to be precise three destinations for divers. If you really want you can cover them during one day. But why should we hurry? It would be better to enjoy each of them as much as you want.


Best Diving Destinations in Israel

Dead Sea

Let’s begin with the third, the most controversial destination. This is Dead Sea. Divers try to dive here just once taken two or three times more weight as usual and put a tick they was here because nothing interesting under water. Only salt. On the other hand you can sigh in your logbook a dive in water which surface is a lowest point on the Earth.

Mediterranean Sea

Second and more interesting destination is Mediterranean Sea where is a wet suit season lasts form May to September. Other time you can use dry suit with pleasure. You can fly to Tel Aviv and stay here or move to nearest towns like Netanya (one and a half hours by car from Ben Gurion airport) and save some money on accommodation. The most interesting place for diving here is Caesarea. If you visit this unique archaeological park you can see the remains of the breakwater, which is constructed before our era. At the entrance to the harbor you will meet the base of the ancient watchtowers and a highlight of the dive site is a collection of anchors from different eras.

Red Sea

And finally third an most attractive destination is Eilat town and Red Sea cost. The main pride of Eilat is a coral reef. This reserve where are more than three hundred species of corals. Underwater reef beginning at a depth of 3 meters is so varied, and the visibility is so wonderful that underwater photographers are carried out here for days and weeks on end, and then back again. But the reef is not one and only feature why divers love Eilat. Particular interest here are wrecks, with a pearl is a former military missile Satil. It is located at a depth of 25 meters and just a few meters from the coast. Now he serves as an artificial reef for a myriad of different kinds of fish. Most dive sites are accessible from the shore, and it makes the dive is not only exciting, but also not expensive. Banded bottom and rare and weak currents make the Red Sea coast of Eilat an ideal place for learning and skills for beginners. For experienced divers and those who are interested in technical diving is available a greater depth, which, bypassing the rock of Jesus and rock of Moses, you can go to the rack-that is still rarely seen.

The Most Beautiful Dive Sites in Israel