Indonesia is a country consisting of nearly eighteen thousand islands surrounded by the waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans. The diving season here lasts almost all year round except when the rains come in December and January. The water temperature is 25-28 degrees Celsius but, depending on the season and weather conditions, it can be lowered by 3-4 degrees in some locations. Water visibility in the most popular places is excellent and is normally about 20-40 meters. In Indonesia, there are a lot of iconic places for diving. Here, we’ll tell you about the most interesting of them.

Popular destinations


The world-famous island resort of Bali tailors not only to divers, but also to fans of other water activities. Bali has a lot of dive centers offering tourists the chance to learn to dive, visit local dive sites or take a dive safari in the famous reserves of South East Asia. For many divers, Bali is the first stop on their journeys in Indonesia. The hallmark of the underwater world of Bali are sunfish but it’s also likely that you’ll encounter manta rays and various types of sharks. The most popular wreck in the North-East of Bali is the American ship USAT Liberty. This one hundred and twenty-meter warship was struck by a Japanese submarine’s torpedoes during World War II and is now completely overgrown with corals. The ship is now an artificial reef and a habitat for many underwater inhabitants. During one dive meeting USAT Liberty near the surface and continuing the descent to thirty meters you can see a lot of fish and shellfish, cuttlefish and turtles. Do you want to take pictures at the helm or with military weapons? You’re welcome! You can make several dives here and you’ll find a lot of new and interesting things on each of them.


Komodo National Park is known to travelers all over the world thanks to the special residents of its group of islands which are home to the famous Komodo dragons, the largest lizards in the world. For us, the divers, it is an excellent combination of underwater and terrestrial excursions. Diving in Komodo is very diverse. You can take part in a safari on one of the boats (liveaboard) and select the route and duration. With this package, you will live aboard a ship on an "all inclusive" basis. Safaris usually last between seven to fourteen days, including breaks for land excursions. But you could opt to select your Daily Dives from the comfort of your hotel on the island of Flores and go on two to three dives daily. You can be sure that any option you select will nevertheless result in some beautiful diving, because this is one the most beautiful places in the world. After their first dive in Komodo, divers often say that they were in a fish soup. Indeed, the concentration of interesting underwater inhabitants is very high. Here you can see cuttlefish, turtles, sharks and a variety of unusual shrimp. For example, at the famous dive site, the "Rock of cannibal," you will see a lot of soft corals and a prodigious number of bright tropical fish. The name of the dive site "Manta Alley" speaks for itself. Here you don’t just see one, two or a dozen manta rays, here their dance seems so endless, performed with such a number of rays, that they simply can’t be counted. Even if you are a very experienced diver, and have seen a lot, be sure to visit these places, you will always appreciate them.

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat archipelago is made up of a thousand small islands, surrounded by their four larger brethren. Do you want to see manta rays, several species of sharks, more than five hundred species of corals and many more species of mollusks, and even whales? They’re here! Scientists have designated Raja Ampat as the place with the highest biodiversity in the world. Here, in the clean water among the mangroves, you can see not the tremendous variety in this underwater world. There are thousands of dive sites here with underwater peaks, walls and channels. As in Komodo, there are quite a few underwater currents and, if a dive is organized properly, you can see as what can hardly be seen under water anywhere else in the world. And while you do not even have to move your fins. Just dive, breathe and watch this “real-life 3D TV” in the highest possible resolution☺.


Sulawesi Island is away enough from popular tourist destinations that you won’t meet any budget holiday-makers and intrusive services here. Here, tourists are treated like real guests. On the island, is a tremendous amount fantastic flora and fauna, and the underwater world is so diverse and delightable that I want to say that every diver should visit here. Sulawesi is a very large island and to fully explore it in just one vacation is hardly possible. You’d need hundreds of dives to form a complete picture of its underwater world. Here, coral carpets cover the walls to a depth of forty meters or more and there are many species of sharks, turtles, stingrays, octopuses and thousands of species of fish. Sulawesi is a Mecca for lovers of underwater photography. It is not necessary to dive tens of meters down to capture the hundreds of species of mollusks that live in these waters. There are also wrecks from World War II, many of which are still unexplored. Despite the well-developed infrastructure for divers, the underwater world here is still in pristine condition.



The list of diving spots presented above is neither complete nor exhaustive, but even if you decide to visit only these places and study them properly, be prepared to spend many months though, believe us, it's worth it.