We are completing our trilogy of articles on the ABC Island group: Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. Now it’s the biggest of the trio’s turn to be discussed, and the first thing you need to know about is all of the exciting things hiding under its waters! The diving on Curacao is at the top of the list when it comes to fun. Clear waters, coral reefs close to the shore and easy sandy pathways down to the water’s edge, all these aspects beckon you to get kitted up for your swimming nice and quickly. There are about 50 dive sites on Curacao. One of the island’s main features is that it’s possible to dive from the shore, without a guide, and that all dive sites are marked on every road map. In all of the numerous diving centers you can rent all necessary equipment, take a course or take a part in a trip to the most interesting places.


Diving conditions are very comfortable: water temperatures range from 24 to 28 degrees Celsius and visibility is good, up to 30 meters in places, but can deteriorate if there's rain. The rainy season here lasts from November to March, but this doesn't needn't any serious detriment to your holiday. Rainy spells tend to end quickly and leave a sweet freshness behind.

Popular Destinations

Mushroom Forest


This is undoubtedly the most famous dive site on Curacao. The mushroom forest located one hour by boat from the shore. This site takes its unusual name from the huge hard corals located here, which look like mushrooms. The caps of some of them can reach over 3 meters in diameter. To best see these interesting natural phenomena, you should dive down to 14 meters below. At such depths, you'll feel as though your body shrinks smaller and smaller as everything around you grows to dwarf you like you're in a fairy tale! Among the mushrooms you can find rays, turtles, eels and lobsters. Funny and colorful sponges and gorgon arias are perfect additions to this psychedelic landscape. After a dive in the Mushroom Forest, we’d wager you won’t be short on any topics for conversation!

Superior Producer

One fateful day, March 30th 1977, Superior Producer left her dock. Due to large and violent waves, the ship began to list and her crew began dumping cargo overboard. Unfortunately, their efforts were for nought. Through her open ports, water quickly started to flood the ship and as a result, Superior Producer sank. Since then, she’s stood almost vertically along her keel 30 meters down, only about 150 meters off the shore. 


The moment you first see that shadowy outline almost takes your breath away, it soon forms the silhouette of the 72 meter-long ship. She’s covered with various colonies of sponges, corals and nudibranchs. Alongside these wonders, shrimp and starfish are waiting for apt photography enthusiasts to snap some photos of them. Despite the passage of time, Superior Producer has been well-preserved, meaning that divers can pass inside to see the wheelhouse and cargo racks. Superior Producer easily ranks among the top five best Caribbean wrecks.

Barracuda Point


This dive site also goes by the name of Punti Piku and can only be reached by boat. The depth ranges from 12 to 35 meters and visibility is about 20 meters. Strong currents can sometimes be found here. As the name suggests, this is barracuda territory. Big ones will accompany you but don’t worry; they’re only showing mutual interest in divers. Turtles and angel-fish also like to spend time here and brightly yellow and orange corals will look great in your underwater photography.



Curacao brings together all the wonders of beach vacation and European gloss. The little colorful houses, just like in Amsterdam, run alongside tropical beaches. Regardless of what you find yourself looking at on this island, you’ll find yourself only able to regard it as a paradise which you’ll never want to leave. Don’t forget to take home some of the island’s famous diminutive liquor, which will serve to remind you of your trip!