A collection of 18 islands located 600 km off the West African coast which together form the Cape Verde archipelago, which is very different from the African mainland. Here can be found a balance between wild nature and first-class service.

Diving off Cape Verde takes first place on the list of marine entertainments.  Wrecks, rocks, grottos, as well as night and drift diving will be available to you. The variety of dive sites is so great that you’ll need to just make a choice. Don’t worry if you don’t have a divers’ certificate; there are a lot of dive centers on islands where you can take a course and join other divers who are already started to explore Cape Verde’s underwater world.

Popular Destinations

Where to dive?

Sal Island is undoubtedly a favorite place among tourists and divers. The boundless beaches and clear blue ocean water will impress even the most seasoned of travelers. A few wrecks are located over 15 minutes from Sal. Newbies dive at the wreck of the Antao, which lies at a depth of 12 meters. Experienced divers prefer the wreck of the Kwarcit, at a depth of about 28 meters. The body of this ship is well preserved and has become a place of abode for nurse sharks, rays and shellfishes.

One more interesting dive site near Sal Island is named Choclassa. Here you can take a part in amazing diving, actually some of the best in the Santa Maria region. In addition to the variety of flora and fauna, there may be strong currents here. Divers who are swept by the current float over the plateau and can find some species of endemic fishes; tunas, rays, caranxes and sharks. The depth here varies from 15 to 40 meters.

Night dives are available at all dive sites excepting the radical outliers. Meeting large underwater residents is very common. During your dive you should be ready to meet with 3 meter mantas, turtles, octopuses and countless schools of snappers and groupers.

From the January to March, near the Cape Verde coastline, you can come upon whales and even hear their unique songs under the water.

Aside from Sal Island, divers like to spend their time on the islands of Boavista and Santiago. Perfect dives are guaranteed! But we’d like to draw your attention that the best time for diving is from April to November. In other months, some of dive sites can be unavailable due the weather conditions.


Cape Verde it is an exotic locale, from which mass tourism is absent, absolutely safe and with a summer-like climate all through the year. Easy transport accessibility is afforded to every angle of this country. You will be surprised by just how different it is! Every island is fine in its own way and ready to met with you