Bulgaria is famous for its wine, interesting history and wide choice of excursions. If you can’t imagine taking a vacation without any diving, then naturally one of the dive centers should be your first port of call. There you can rent equipment, take some courses and local diving instructors will show you the most interesting dive sites. We must be honest with you, though; the water visibility here is markedly inferior to that found in tropical seas. It’s often no more than 20 meters. Don’t expect exciting marine life, various colorful fish and corals from Bulgarian diving and don’t try to draw comparisons with what you saw before. Diving here is beautiful, but have some difference from iconic places. The Black Sea has a unique history. On the sandy bottom, antique tableware fragments and other interesting artifacts can easily be found. Now we'd like to elaborate where to dive and what to see in Bulgaria.

Popular Destinations


A true Bulgarian resort town. Bays surrounded by cliffs, picturesque beaches, and a well-developed local infrastructure is waiting you. Divers prefer to dive in Heaven bay and Saint Stephan's Cove. Ancient architectural remains can be found on the bottom, along with anchors, some dating back to the Bronze Age. By the way, an anchor is the symbol of the city.


The capital of Bulgaria and one of the most ancient European cities, meaning that this is definitely a place to be seen. Sofia doesn't boast a coastline, so diving isn’t all that developed, but dive centers can be found nonetheless. Staff will help you to organize tours to coastal cities and even afford you the chance to going for a dive in Greece.


Varna is where you'll find the spots most popular among wreck divers. In 2011, a government TU-154 aircraft was deliberately sunk here and has become a lovely place for diving. The plane lies at a depth of 22 meters and promotes the  development of diving in the country. Among the marine life, seahorses, red mullets, crabs and some species of actiniums can be found here. For more technologically-minded divers, we advise going to the Dobrich area where, at 60 meters depths, rests Second World War ships.


The port city of Burgas is located on the southern Bulgarian coast. There are a lot of freshwater lakes here. In the winter season the water doesn’t freeze, so it makes for perfect conditions when ice diving. Such a feeling is not to be found in the tropics! Be ready to learn to use a dry suit and take an ice diving course. Luckily, it's possible to take such courses here in Burgas. All necessary equipment is provided.

Southern Burgas is a good place for those that are looking to take their  first step in diving. Maximum depths here are no more than 10 meters, so newbies can comfortably explore the hidden world of Black Sea.


Bulgarian diving is for those of a specific taste. It’s not a place for devoting oneself to diving all the time, but it's certainly the case that exploring its underwater world will bring a great bit of variety to your travels.