When it comes to Brazil, it's not carnival with its energetic showgirls that come to every true diver's mind but, rather, the diving. Diving in Brazil is a dream made real. The biggest country of Latin America proves itself a place of variety and the good quality of the diving and the conditions on the ground will surprise even a seasoned traveler. Before you start packing for sunny Brazil, though, you should read about specifics of this country and diving there, which we collect on our website.

Climate and weathers conditions

In different regions, air and water temperatures can vary, but on average it's about 27 degrees Celsius above the water and 25 degrees under the water. Visibility is about 30 meters and the concept of seasonality is completely absent. All 12 month are fit for diving.

Benefits of diving in Brazil

A huge variety of dive sites guarantee breathtaking adventures for divers with all levels of training. Newbies will feel comfortable practicing their skills in the shallows and for experienced divers and thrill-seekers, Brazil has some wrecks, underwater caves and even a chance to swim with sharks. Let’s look further at what Brazil can offer.


Popular Destinations

Fernando de Noronha

An archipelago, consisting of 21 volcanic formation islands of which most are largely uninhabited.  Fernando de Noronha is a Mecca of Brazilian diving; Its beaches and crystal clear waters are considered the best in the country and its remoteness from the mainland creates a sense of privacy and peace.  

The best time for diving here comes at the end of the summer and through the clear autumn and winter season surfers come here to catch big waves. Underwater you will meet a variety of fish, corals, plants, lobsters and octopuses. Warm and calm provide good conditions for exploring the underwater world. Its protected status of cultural heritage and enormous government care aimed at nature preservation, allows the archipelago to stay pristine. Massive development is not to be found here; the number of tourist is strictly limited and ecological fees are charged for every day of your stay. Trust us, though, this won't be something you'll be dwelling on!


It’s a capital of Santa Catarina state. Within Florianopolis are both island and mainland parts, which are connected to each other by suspension bridge. It’s a perfect place for those who want to take some respite from big city noise and want to find a place to relax. There are about fifty different beaches that'll prove more than satisfactory for divers, windsurfers and lovers of waterside relaxation. If you are going to Florianapolis between June and November, you can feast your eyes upon an amazing spectacle; whale migration!


Located on the Atlantic coastline, this is a diver’s favorite place. Amazing marine life and pleasant climatic conditions makes diving here very comfortable. Local beaches are famous for their white sands and the infrastructure is so developed that even the most demanding of tourists can find all that's necessary. Guarapari is known as a crowded resort. The city never sleeps so party lovers will be in their element.

Ponta Negra

Less than a quarter of a century ago, this was just a poor Brazilian ghetto. But the magnetic beauty of the landscape and gorgeous coastline drew investors’ attention, which has made this place into real center of tourism. The village of Ponta Negra, located near Natal city, is considered one of the best places for tourists. The diving here is famed for the variety among its numerous reefs, densely populated by marine life. In Ponta Negra, you will have a chance to swim with sharks in their natural environment.

Rio de Janeiro

Perhaps the most famous Brazilian city. Do you want to dive in the legendary Guanabara bay? Or explore the nearest islands? Perhaps you'd like to take off your fins and try your hand at fishing? It's all up to you! It should be noted that in Rio de Janeiro there are not so many different places to dive and for the really spectacular diving you need to travel out about an hour to one of the dive sites. One of these places in the East is Arial de Cabo. This place is considered the best for diving in the whole south of Brazil. The water is clear to a seemingly unreal extent and great varieties of marine can be found here at each and every step. But the water temperature is no more than 21 degrees Celsius, so we recommend using 5-7mm suits. In the western part of Brazil, divers prefer a place known as Angra dos Reis. There are lots of islands and pristine beaches here.The marine life is rich so you can see schools of colored fish even without diving! Dive centers staff in Rio can organize trips to any one of these places without any problems. You'll surely be impressed by the high quality services and Brazilian hospitality.


The ex-capital of Brazil is easily recognised by its unique architecture. Locals say that it's only here that you can come to be truly acquainted with Brazil. Here's a special for divers to see; a Greek wreck resting at 180 meters isn't just well-preserved, but has also turned into a real aquarium. Second place is an underwater cave, where shallow fish attract predators like barracudas and mackerels. Cave depths are about 18-24 meters. A huge breakwater was built at the entrance of the Salvador port which on which sponges and soft corals densely grow. Now it’s considered the most colorful place for diving. This destination is very popular among divers, because a choice of dive sites it really big.

Sao Paulo

One of the most densely populated megalopolises in the world, it's not just football that's loved by the locals; diving is in-demand too. This is one reason, why local dive centers organize trips to the Brazilian regions better-suited for diving. This city is rich in museums and historical excursions but if you're pursuing underwater adventures, it'd be better to choose another place.


This city is literally drowning out in the trees and is considered prosperous within Brazil. It's located more than 90 km from the ocean, but nonetheless you can find dive centers here. Most of them offer  a tourist agency service, allowing you to join one of the different tours to visit the best dive sites.

Vacation of your dreams

In this country you can learn how to dance the samba, visit a football match, explore Amazon jungles and see just what the blue waters hide from us. Brazil is huge and multifaceted and her underwater world will make a mark in the memory of anybody, who dives here.