The ABC islands is an unofficial moniker for a group of islands in the Caribbean Sea. Their epithet corresponds to the first letters of their names; Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. On this page, we’ll tell you all about what Bonaire is famous for and why divers so often express preference for it.

Popular Destinations

Diving on Bonaire

This tiny island is located a mere 40 km from Venezuela and keeps its guests satisfied with a huge variety of attractions. Perfect underwater visibility, an untouched ecosystem and calm waters offer ideal conditions for exciting adventures. Extended reefs, which surround island, boast National Wildlife Reserve status. Pristine marine life attracts underwater photographers and videographers. Apart from bright reefs’ fish, colorful corals and fancy plants, green turtles and huge manta rays (which will swim very close to you) can wander into your camera lens.

Why Bonaire is considered the best place for diving

Wreck lovers prefer to make dives to the 72 meter-long Hilma Hookers shipwreck. This huge ship, for unknown reasons, found her last shelter on the sandy bottom near the island. Night diving can be found on Town Pier and when you overcome the 80 steps down to the beach, you’ll find “1000 steps,” a popular dive site . Every diver will like this cozy coral reef and, if you are lucky, here’s the place to meet dolphins and even whale sharks. Diving here is such a popular and developed activity that Bonaire has been placed at the top of Scuba Diving Magazine’s rankings several times.

Diving festival on Bonaire

Bonaire is an endless holiday Island. So many holidays happen here that there’s always one going or another going on and its makes for an amazing atmosphere. Every year in June on Bonaire organizes a Dive Festival, which brings divers from all over the world to the island. This holiday lasts the whole week, and is the perfect chance to meet like-minded people and have a great time together.