On the world map, you’ll find Belize nestled between Mexico to the north and Guatemala to the southeast. The country stretches over 23000 sq. km in which are included about 200 Caribbean islands. A barrier reef lines the coast, taking second place after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia in terms of its beauty. Its pristine underwater world is a treasure trove for divers. This makes Belize a world class dive destination.

Popular Destinations

The Belize Blue Hole

The famous Blue Hole proves a strong attraction to divers from all over the world. This natural wonder became a visiting card for the country. Its size is about 300 meters in diameter and more than 135 meters in depth.

Just one look at it is enough to make the heart of every traveler beat that bit faster. To dive into the Blue Hole you'll need a specialist diver's level:Divers who want to explore the Blue Hole's depths should have an Advanced Open Water level or higher and cave diving experience.

Underwater world of Belize

Belize boasts more than 400 species of fish and hundred of varieties of hard corals. Spotted eagle rays, gorgeous manta rays and turtles will join you during your underwater trip. The reefs of Belize are so pristine that we can’t really find the right words to do them justice. A huge variety of dive sites allows you to discover new and interesting places all the time. Belize knows just how to surprise you!

On the surface of Belize

If you decide to have a rest after diving you can go to explore jungles, waterfalls and lakes as warm as hot milk. This isn't to mention there being over 30 abandoned Mayans cities found in Belize where it's literally possible to touch history.


Please mind that you'd better choose the dry season which lasts from November to May. In the summer and winter seasons there is a big chance to catch one of many storms.