Barbados is the easternmost island of the Dutch Antilles. It’s rather far-flung and quite different from its other island neighbours.  The greater number of its dive centers are situated on the western coastline, so tourists planning to explore the underwater naturally prefer this area. The northern part of Barbados is surrounded cliffs and huge waves, which makes this area somewhat unsuitable for diving, but perfect for exploring the wild nature.

Popular Destinations

For beginner divers and those who like a bit of relaxation


Coral reefs surround the island, are just a stone’s throw from the shore but generally most dives operate from boats. This water is home for a diverse number of tropical fish and seahorses. The underwater landscape is especially transformed after sunset. While night diving you should be ready to meet octopuses, crabs and barracudas. Diving off Barbados is considered safe and the chance of meeting major predators tends to zero. Enjoy the warm and tender sea, myriads of tropical fish and excellent services of local dive centers.

Wrecks of Barbados


Divers offer special attention to the scuttled Greek ship Stavronikita. This 100 meters long ship which lies at a depth of 36 meters became a real house for a variety of marine life, corals and sponges. This is not the sole unnatural object in these waters: Newbies often express a preference for the ship Pamir which rests at a shallow depth and tempts divers to take a look inside her. Carlisle Bay is a Marine Park with a great variety of wrecks at the bottom, where everyone can find their own favourite.


Barbados is a very civilized and developed island. It’s doesn’t matter what you prefer: daily diving while staying in a cozy villa, safari on a boat or just relaxing on one of the perfect beaches, everywhere you will be surrounded by friendly locals and first class services.