You can consider yourself lucky if you’re going to travel to the Bahamas! Warm currents make for ideal conditions for marine life so divers from all over dream to explore the waters that surround this archipelago of endless summer.

Popular Destinations

Blue holes and caves in the Bahamas

While flying over the islands your attention will probably be drawn to the deep-blue spots on the water. These are karsts craters or blue holes which formed hundred years ago after leaching cracks in limestone. They’re an average of 40-60 meters in depth and most of them are entrances to underwater caves. On Long Island you can find the second largest blue hole, one of the most mysterious places in the world. Just imagine; 202 meters leading into the abyss! This place is literally a magnet deep diving lovers and freedivers especially.

Sharks in the Bahamas

The Bahamas have something really special prepared for thrill seekers! Do you want to know what it’s like to be just one mere meter away from a tiger shark - one of the most dangerous predator on our planet? Or maybe you want to try hand-feeding the less aggressive reef shark? Be ready to come face to face with tens of hundreds of species and take home many memories that’ll last the rest of your life.


Quiet holiday lovers will be drawn to the wide choice of sea walks and children will be thrilled after swimming with dolphins. This is the kindest of animals and you can meet them in just half an hour away from Nassau. Everyone can find here just what they want to do and you’ll definitely want to come back.