Aruba is a small island near Venezuela and Colombia. This place is highly appreciated among divers who prefer luxury holiday. Here you can find everything that most exacting tourist could wish for. White sand beaches will tempt you, breathtaking landscapes will pleasure you and unique spirit of freedom and happiness will fill your lungs when you make first step from the plane.

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Wrecks of Aruba

Fantastic visibility (up to 30 meters) and comfortable temperature (near 27 degrease Celsius), which hold on year round, makes Aruba attractive for water activities lovers. Varied marine life will not let divers and snorkelers get bored. Here you can find a lot of dive sites with various difficulty levels. Especially wreck divers will be glad, because crystal blue water hides in depth a lot of shipwrecks.  German ship, named Antilla has 122 meters long and considered the biggest Caribbean wreck. Tanker Pedernales, which sank in Second World War, lays on the shallow depth and it is perfect for newbie wreck divers. Experienced divers will prefer Jane Sea for underwater adventure.


Aruba will not make you bored not only under water but also on the shores. You can visit attractive excursion, national parks, and enjoy the ancient architecture. A rich nightlife on the island is famous and named Caribbean Las Vegas. A lot of bars, casinos, restaurants and first class shopping become a perfect end off your day. If you have enough time, you can visit the nearest islands Curacao and Bonaire and we will definitely tell about them on our web site.